La Petite Maison is an elfin bungalow that exudes a warmth and old-world allure. Located amongst the picturesque slopes of Lonavala, this bungalow presents a stunning abode of immense peace and serenity and a gorgeous view point of the surrounding hills and valleys covered with native trees, grass, flowering shrubs and little streams. Warm and homely, La Petite Maison is perfect for weekend getaways as well as weekday relaxation. Family-friendly, Pet-friendly and Kid-friendly.
La Petite Maison is styled on the lines of an old world English manor. Its decor is vintage and colonial with a modern twist. It is a three-bedroom space with one bedroom made out of purely glass panels and windows. The balcony provides a breath-taking view of the valley and the lush garden is ideal for a stroll or lazing about.


Open Terrace

Glass Room

Open Space